Remote Employee Support from Bangladesh

People ask us a lot about our name. It stands for Virtual Bees. I beehive is a lot like a company, it needs a queen, workers and drones to work together to make a thriving ecosystem that produces something. Worker bees leave the hive and travel vast distances to collect pollen, and with the same work ethic so do all of our staff at Virbees. Even though we are physically far away our software and staff monitoring cameras put your virtual employee so close that you'll think they are in the room next door.

The B is also a gentle nod to Bangladesh, which is where we are based. So now you know the story, you'll now understand why our mascot Virby is on every page helping you will tips and hints!

What is VirBees?
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In any kind of business, your prosperity depends mostly on the spirit of the workforce that you recruit. The VirBees is the remote staffing company based in Bangladesh which provides all the standard office environment along with the infrastructure. We aim to establish a long term and committing bonds that provide the support, direction, and confidentiality required to succeed.


VirBees is an overseas staffing company, located in Dhaka Bangladesh. We provide tailor-fitted virtual employee services throughout the globe to any kind of small, medium or large size company.

No, We are not an outsourcing agency. Unlike other outsourcing agencies, we provide the right employees for your company along with the office infrastructure.

To start with, you need to provide us with a specific requirement that also includes qualification, experience, expertise, skills, availability, etc for the position you attempt to fulfill.

Yes, you can see their screen anytime and also get a full overview of what they are working and how they are working on. And not only that, you will get a report each day.

You have an idea and we are here to fulfill it