Benefits Of Hiring
a virtual employee

Hiring a Virtual Employee over a full-time employee in Bangladesh has a couple of interesting benefits you should consider:

Cost to Company

Hiring a full-time employee leads to additional costs like health care, taxes and office equipment. When you hire a Virtual Employee (VE), you are paying only for the service provided.

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Reduce Cost

Specialized Tasks

You can find Virtual Employees that specialise in fields like SEO, video editing, content writing or even social media marketing. According to Glassdoor estimates, a full-time social media manager can cost twice that of a Virtual Social Media employee!

Salary Structure

A typical employee is paid a yearly 'package' for his or her services, regardless of whether or not there is any work assigned to be done. When there is absolutely no need for him, he is laid off. In comparison, a virtual employee is paid by the hour. As a hiring manager, if you think your particular job/task require only 20 hours a week, outsource it to your virtual employee and pay him or her only for those 20 hours that you need them for.

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Reduce Cost

Office Space

Office space is a major constraint, especially in metropolitan cities, considering the ever-rising real estate prices. Before hiring an employee you need to analyze whether he or she will actually bring value to your firm or just act as a seat warmer. A virtual employee works in silo. By working remotely, they do not occupy any office space avoiding additional costs. Whether they work from home, a cafe or a beach shack, it doesn't matter as long as they get the work done.

Flexibility of Team structure

Flexibility in case of upsizing or downsizing the team. But depending on the hurdles faced in development the time periods may be vary. Freelancers work on either Fixed price projects or Hourly basis. Hence your Project plan should be topnotch for you to completely utilize hired freelancers.

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